NI Dyslexia Centre Covid Tuition Policy

To ensure the safety and protection of tutors, pupils and their parents or carers we are putting in place the following measures: please accept my apology for the very formal tone!

To minimise traffic in the Centre:

Please phone your child’s tutor to confirm arrival at the door: the pupil uses the sanitiser in the porch, enters using the keypad and goes straight to their tutor.

On return, you phone the tutor who will send the pupil down to the parent at the door.

Lesson times will be staggered to reduce pupil contact within the Centre.

In the case of a new pupil, a short appointment will be arranged at the beginning of the first lesson for the tutor, the parent/s and the pupil to get to know each other and discuss the pupil’s programme. Parents will be asked to wear a face mask. Tutors will be wearing visors.

The same arrangement can be made when reviewing a pupil’s progress.


Desks and chairs will be cleaned between pupils

At the end of the lesson the pupil will use an anti-bacterial wipe to clean the desk, the door handle, the bannister rail and the exit door handle as they go out. There will be a bin in the porch for wipe disposal.

The Centre will be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day.


Appropriate social distancing will be maintained during lessons.

A record of attendance will be kept, of course, if tracing should be needed.

If any member of your household should test positive for Covid symptoms or be required to self-isolate, please inform the Centre: your child should not attend for lessons until it is safe to do so. The same would apply if a child’s school reports a case and advises pupils to isolate.

Pupils should bring a sealable bag with pencil/s, pen/s, highlighter/s, rubber and pencil sharpener: this can be labelled with their name and kept in the Centre to be used exclusively in lessons here.

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