The NI Dyslexia centre has facilitated personalised tuition for over twenty years. Throughout that time hundreds of children and adults have attended and found the support invaluable to their learning and development.

Tuition is personalised but based on best practice in dyslexic teaching practice. The tutors all have a specialist qualification in dyslexia and are very experienced.

Tuition is 1:1 on an hourly basis once a week here at the Centre.  The cost is £35 per hour.

Children do attend during the school day where the school permits and where the school does not have the facility/resources appropriate for your child. You are advised to seek advice from the SENCO/Principal.

We currently have a tuition waiting list and if you wish to add you or your child’s name to it please email .  Please include your child’s name, age, name of school and your telephone number.

Normal practice is that monthly fees are paid in advance  at the beginning of the month If a class is cancelled by the teacher, then there is no charge and the fee is credited to the next month. If the class is cancelled by the pupil, the fee is forfeited. 

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